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Ancient River Valley Civilizations-PR

MesopotamiaThe first of the ancient river valley civilizations to develop
Egyptbuilt around the Nile River, ruled by a pharaoh,
Indus Valley, This civilization, which is in modern day Pakistan and western India, is known for its advanced plumbing system.
What is the term that means "the fertile soil along the Nile River in Egypt?"Black Land,
ChinaThe main river of this civilization is called the Huang He, or "Yellow River."
What is the term that means "dry land beyond the Nile River in Egypt?"Black Land,
Mediterranean SeaThe body of water that is located directly NORTH of Egypt,
Tigris and EuphratesThe two major rivers of the Mesopotamian civilization.,
SiltFertile soil left behind after the flooding of a river
Irrigationsystem that brings water to crops
PharaohsEgyptian leader, believed to be a god,
HieroglyphicsThe Egyptian writing system,
Polytheisticthe belief in many gods
ZigguratThis building was the center of Mesopotamian cities, believed to house the gods,
Mohenjo-daroCity in the Indus River valley that had plumbing system and was laid out on a grid system,
CuneiformThe writing system of ancient Mesopotamia,
PyramidsBuilt by the ancient Egyptians as tombs,
HammurabiWrote down the first set of laws, laws applied to everyone and were very harsh
Dynastya series of rulers from the same family

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