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All Quiet on the Western Front - ch. 6

World Literature - Review game

Isn't it ironic?the German army is prepared enough to have coffins ready, but can't supply decent food
reason for the name "corpse rats"they feed on the dead bodies of both animals and humans
method of rat exterminationattracting them with bread crusts, then hitting them with spades
foreshadowing for a rough battlestacks of new coffins ready for when they are needed
reason for using spades rather than bayonetsbayonets get jamed, leaving the soldier an open target while he removes it
claustrophobiathe fear of closed in places
result of the recruit's fithe is determined to get out of the trench
the way the recruit is finally brought to his sensesa whipping
the reason Paul hesitates to throw his grenadeHe catches the eye of an enemy soldier, realizing the enemy is human, too.
the reason the soldiers do not react at all to wounded menthey must deaden their feelings so they can continue to fight
what the Germans take from the French before returning to their own linescooling water, provisions, especially corned beef & butter, bread and cognac
the irony of Paul's wondering whether he would have experienced love by the time he was 20he has only experienced hate (and death)
effect of memories on Paul during trainingthey made him want to return to his former life
the effect on Paul of memories once he really gets engaged in the warindifference? Paul thinks he can never really return to his former life
reason they cannot find the wounded manhis mouth must be against the ground
one result of shelling, the overturning of earthburying many of the dead
what "hisses"?a body as it rots and the gases leave it
the butterfly lighting on the skullsymbolic of nature's indifference to war & its effects
the reason the reinforcements are killed so rapidlythey know nothing, not weaponry, not taking cover, not how to react to gas attack
What brings Himmelstoss to his senses?the order from the lieutenant
Even though the men try to teach the new recruits, what keeps them from learning?their fright; in their fright they do everthing wrong
the battle is called a victoryonly a few hundred yards of land is lost
the number of men left out of the original 15032

Nancy P. Foster

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