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Holocaust Vocabulary

Review vocabulary from Number the Stars and Milkweed.

alliesthe nations fighting Germany, Japan, and Italy during WWII (primarily the US, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union)
anti-Semitismthe hatred of Jewish people
campaigna series of military operations in a particular area or for a particular purpose as part of a war
censoredmaterials were prevented from being published so the truth could be hidden
concentration campsthe Nazi's created these camps to imprison all of their "enemies".
deportationthe forced removal of Jews in Nazi-occupied countries from their homes
discriminateto treat someone differently because of their race
Georg Duckwitza member of the German government in occupied Denmark who warned the Danes that Germany was planning to depart all the Jewish people
the final solutionthe Nazi's name for the plan to murder all of the Jewish people of Europe
gas chambersplaces built by the Nazis to kill a group of people by filling the room with a deadly gas
genocidethe deliberate and systematic murder of a religious, racial, national, or cultural group
ghettoa poor section of a city where all Jews from the surrounding areas were forced to reside
Holocaustthe destruction of 6 million Jews by the Nazis and their followers in Europe between the years 1933-1945
inferior racethe groups of people that the Nazis thought were of a lower class such as Jews, gypsies, and Slavic people
Adolph Hitlerthe leader of the Nazi party in Germany
Nazia political movement and later a form of government that developed in Germany in the 1920's, symbol was the swastika
neutral countrya country that takes neither side in a war (Sweden and Denmark in WWII)
occupied/occupationcontrol of a country by a foreign military power
pacta treaty of an agreement between countries
persecutionthe act of treating people in a cruel or harmful way
refugeea person who has run to a foreign country for safety
resistancethe "underground" organizations working to help the Jews against Hitler and the Nazi army
Slavicpeople from Bulgaria, Poland, and Russia among others that the Nazis thought were inferior to them
Swastikaan ancient religious symbol (a hooked cross) that became the official symbol of the Nazi Party and is now banned in Germany
synagoguea Jewish church
Thereseinstadta ghetto in Eastern Europe that captured Danish Jews were taken
unresta disturbed or uneasy state
yellow starthe six-pointed Star of David was a Jewish symbol that the Nazis forced Jews above the age of six to wear as a mark of shame and to make Jews visible

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