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Number the Stars

Ch. 1 - 4 Vocabulary

athleticphysically strong or active
wara condition or time of fighting between countries or parts of a country
bombedattacked or destroyed with an explosive device
courageoushaving or showing courage: brave
curfewa time in the evening after which people are not allowed to be on the streets
didainfullyfull of or expressing disdain
Jewishof the Jews or Judaism
kronerthe currency of Denmark
occupationthe act of occupying or the condition of being occupied
rabbia teacher of the Jewish law
rationedto give out food, clothing, gasoline, etc. in rations when these are scarce
residentialmainly for residents rather than for visitors
rucksackknapsack or backpack
sabotageany harm done to some effort in order to get it to fail
submergedto put, go, or stay underwater
swastikaa design that was used as the symbol of the Nazis in Germany
synagoguea building where Jews gather for worship
trousseauthe clothes, linen, etc. that a new bride brings with her
bodyguarda person whose work is to protect someone

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