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Parts of Speech Matching Game - Part II

Play this game to prepare for a major test on the parts of speech.

coordinating conjunctionsA single word that joins together two words or word groups (i.e., FANBOYS: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)
correlative conjunctionsA pair of words that joins together two words or word groups (e.g., neither…nor, either...or, not only...but also, both...and, just, whether...or)
subordinating conjunctionsJoins two clauses, or thoughts, in such a way as to make one grammatically dependent on the other (e.g., although, because, since, while, unless, as, if, though, whereas, while, whenever)
conjunctive adverbsused to clarify the relationship between clauses of equal weight in a sentence; often set off with a semicolon on left and comma on right (e.g., therefore, however, nonetheless, furthermore, likewise)
proper nounsnames a specific person, place, thing, or idea and is always capitalized (e.g., Bob, Ferguson Middle School, McDonalds)
proper adjectivesFormed from a proper noun, modifies nouns or pronouns, and is always capitalized (e.g., Chinese food, English test)
articlesthe adjectives "a," "an," and "the"
definite articlethe adjective "the"
indefinite articlesthe adjectives "a" and "an"
compound prepositionsprepositions that are made up of more than one word (e.g., according to, because of, except for, in spite of, instead of, on top of, out of)
collective nounis singular in form but names a group (e.g., herd, team, committee)

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