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African Countries games

Morocco, Casablanca was set here
Seychelles, nice honeymoon spot
Tunisia, The original Star Wars was filmed here
Libya, I am not a Libra
Egypt, The Sphinx hails from this country
Western Sahara, I am so dry they named me after a desert
Mauritania, No more tania
Mali, I rhyme with Golly
Niger, There is a big river named after me
Chad, I am a boy's name
Sudan, I am in the middle of the Sahara
Eritrea, Don't err on the side of caution
Senegal, Delegates from this country visited FMG last year
Gambia, not Melissa Gamboa
Guinea Bissau, I don't like pigs
Guinea, I am the original one
Sierra Leone, Kanye said I have lots of diamonds
Liberia, Lib or let die
Cote D'ivoire, The ivory coast
Burkina Faso, not a burkin bag
Ghana, that ball is going, going, ??
Togo, I rhyme with pogo
Benin, not Ben out
Nigeria, I have a big rainforest in my country
Cameroon, my sister Candice was on Full House
Central African Republic, My name is so long everyone wants to just abbreviate it
Ethiopia, I am on the east coast of Africa
Djibouti, I sound like booty
Somalia, Watch out for the pirates
Equatorial Guinea, I am right on the equator
Gabon, I am on the west coast of Africa
Republic of the Congo, I am a true democracy, NOT
Congo, A big river and jungle also have my name
Uganda, U get what U pay for
Kenya, I ususally have lots of marathon runners
Rwanda, Where's wanda?
Burundi, I am a tiny, tiny country
Tanzania, I was named after Tanzite
Angola, I am always looking for the right angle
Zambia, ain't no zombies here
Malawi, Madonna tried to adopt a kid from here
Mozambique, Drew Farbstein said he is going to name his kid this
Namibia, I have a big desert in my country
Botswana, Rhymes with Ilana
Zimbabwe, show me the way
South Africa, I am not too original of a name
Lesotho, Less is more though
Swaziland, I am landlocked
Madagascar, A cartoon movie was named after me
Sao Tome and Principe, no saints and princes
Comoros, I am not in the cosmos
Algeria, I am located in Northern Africa

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