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Lesson 11: "Against" Prefixes Matching Game

Play this game to prepare for a quiz over words that start with the prefixes ant-, anti-, contra-, and counter- (which mean against) as well as ob- (which also means facing).

counterproductiveProducing the opposite of what is desired or intended (adj.)
antagonistAn opponent (n.)
obstinateUnyielding; unreasonably determined to have one’s own way (adj.)
counterbalanceA weight used to balance another weight (n); to balance or offset (v.)
obscureTo make unclear; to conceal or make less obvious (v.)
antisepticSomething used to kill germs (n.); free of germs (adj.)
contradictionA statement that is opposite to another statement (n.)
obliqueNot straight; slanting, inclined, or sloping (adj.)
obnoxiousVery unpleasant and objectionable (adj.)
antisocialUnable to associate with other people; not sociable (adj.)

Ferguson Middle School 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Ferguson Middle School

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