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Why was it a mistake for Alfred to tell Sonny, Hollis & Major that the Epsteins keep money in their cash registers on Fridays?It encourages them to steal
Why do the Epsteins keep money in their register on Fridays?Their religion does not allow them to touch $$ after sundown on Friday
What happened to Alfred's father?Dad left when he was 10
What happened to Alfred's mother?Died of pneumonia
What do we know about James?He dropped out of school and hangs out with a bad crowd.
Who beat up Alfred in Chapter 1?Major. Sonny & Hollis
Why was Alfred beaten up in Chapter 1Major, Sonny & Hollis thought he knew about the silent alarm
Who brought Alfred home after he was beaten up?Henry & Mr. Johnson
Why does Alfred decide to become a boxer at Donatelli's gym?He is tired of being bullied and wants to be a champion
What does Alfred have to do to become a boxer?Wake up early, eat healthy, run in the park, stay away from alcohol
What does Mr. Donatelli mean when he says "It's the climbing that makes the man. Getting to the top is an extra reward"Working hard is what makes you who you are
Why are Aunt Pearl & Uncle Wilson so proud of their son Jeff?He is going to college
Why does Alfred feel uncomfortable talking to Uncle Wilson about his future?He compares him to Jeff and Alfred is unsure about his own future
Why is Alfred embarrassed when he is stopped by the police when running?The police officers laugh at him for wanting to be a boxer
How does Alfred feel when he goes back to the grocery store after it is robbed?He feels uncomfortable and knows the Epsteins don't trust him anymore
Why does Alfred exercise in his street clothesThey are the only clothes he has
What happens when Bud refuses to get Red a headguard for a practice fight?Red gets mad and belittles him. Red leaves.
Where did Jelly Belly get his name?He has a big belly.
Describe Willie Streeter.Tough, hard working.
Why did Mr. Donatelli stop the fight and call a technical knockout?Mr. Donatelli knows it will get worse.

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