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match. It's shockingly simple. Just match.

Ampereelectro dynamics; amp
Alexander Graham Belltelephone
Niehls Bohrphysicist
Luther Burbankblack, plant breeder
George Washington Carverblack, Peanut, ag chemist
Marie Curieworked on radium
Gottlieb DaimlerGerman automaker (benz)
Jaohn Daltonfirst table of atomic weights
Charles Darwintheory of evolution
Rudolf Dieselinvented diesel
Christian Dopplerdopppler effect (sound seems to change pitch as moving noise-maker approaches listener
Thomas A. EdisonKinescope, lightbulb, and over 1,000 patents. Wizard of menlo park.
Albert Einsteintheory of relativitgy E=mc2
Gabriel Fahrenheitfirst fahrenheit scale for temperature
Michael Faradayelectricity scientist
Enrico Fermiearly Italian atomic scientist
Alexander Flemingpenicillin (which I'm allergic to)
Sigmund FreudPsychoanalysis (ego)
Galileoastronomer, founder of experimental methodology, dropped lead balls off of the leaning tower of Pisa

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