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The Appendicular skeleton - upper appendage

humerusupper arm bone
ulnaforms elbow, medial lower arm bone
radiusrotates over ulna, lateral lower arm bone
scapulaposterior part of pectoral girdle
clavicleanterior bone of pectoral girdle
glenoid cavityhead of humerus fits into this
acromionjoins the clavicle to make the socket for arm
spine of scapulafor muscle attachment, the part of shoulder blade you feel
capitulumround for the rotating of the radius
trochleadistal part of humerus, makes hinge joint
coronoid fossa"dip" on the anterior portion of humerus
olecranon fossathe funny bone area, the posterior dip on the distal humerus
carpalsshort wrist bones
radial tuberosityrough area where biceps joins radius
trochlear notchthis area of ulna hinges onto the humerus
manubriumthe medial attachment site of the clavicle
metacarpalsbones of the palm

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