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Homophones are words that sound the same, are spelled differently, and have different meanings. These activities match the homophone to the definition.

atepast tense of eat
eightthe number after seven
bareto be without clothes
beara large woodland animal that hybernates
buyto purchase
bylocated next to
blewpast tense of blow
bluea color
cellslang for cell phone
sellto exchange for money
dearloved, darling
deerwoodland animal with antlers
hearto listen
herein or at this place
hour60 minutes
ourbelonging to us
knightmedieval soldier
nightin the evening when there is no sunlight
maleboys or men
mailletters and packages
paira couple
peara green, gritty fruit
rapa rhyming chant to music
wrapto cover in paper
writeto make marks on the paper with a pen or pencil
seeto look
theirbelonging to them
they'rethey are
therein or at that place
totowards something
tooalso, as well as
twothe number after one

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