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Cosm - Ch 09 - The Hair - Root and Shaft plus Phases of Hair Growth

epidermistop or outer layer of skin
shaftany part of the hair ABOVE the skin
arrector pilimuscle connected to hair follicle
sebaceous glandproduces sebum
folliclepocket that holds the hair in the skin
bulbbowl shaped to fit around follicle
papillalocation of blood vessels that nourish hair
cuticlesomewhat clear, opens and closes, outside layer of shaft
cortexunder cuticle, where melanin is, controls color
medullablondes are missing this; found in center
wavy hair's cross-sectionoval shape
curly hair's cross-sectionflat shape
straight hair's cross-sectionround shape
gives hair its shape, size, and directionfollicle
where hair growth startspapilla
anagen2-6 years
catagen2 weeks
telogen2-3 months
growth phaseanagen
transition phasecatagen
resting phasetelogen
sebumoil which keeps the hair soft
porosityability of the hair to absorb moisture
melaninthe coloring matter

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