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Ch-20 questions

What are physical changes that occur during adolescence?reproductive system matures, adult features appear, and height & muscle mass increase
What is reproductive maturity?ability to produce children
How is reproductive maturity related to puberty?sex hormones control changes in puberty, girls ovulate & menstruate and boys produce sperm
What are secondary sex characteristics?physical changes that develop during puberty, but are not directly involved in reproduction
What are secondary sex characteristics for males?shoulders broaden, hair appears on face & chest
What are secondary sex characteristics for females?breast develop, hips widen, body fat increases
What are mental changes that occur during adolescence?improved abstract thinking, improved reasoning skills, impulse control
How do teens develop emotionally during adolescence?individuals start to define meaning in their lives, define a set of personal values, define a sense of self
What responsibilities do adolescents have to themselves?responsibility for your own decisions & actions
What is autonomy?independence
How might autonomy lead to conflicts with family members during adolescence?parents may expect teens to stick to older ways & teens may be influenced by peers
What are examples of increasing responsibilities that teens may have to their family?helping out in household, giving back by becoming emotionally supportive, playing by the rules by following guidelines for clothing & curfew
What are examples of increasing responsibilities that teens may have to their friends?help a friend, be a good listener, offer comfort, influence friends in positive ways, support in times of crisis
What are examples of increasing responsibilities that teens may have to their community?knowing laws, obeying laws, participate in cleanup, fund-raising activities
How do people continue to change in adulthood?change physically, change emotionally, changing career plans
What is physical maturity?state of being full-grown in the physical sense
When is physical maturity reached?late teens or early twenties
What are keys to a successful marriage?love, compatibility, commitment
How do healthy behaviors during youth affect aging?people tend to reduce or delay the physical signs of aging
What is dementia?loss of mental abilities, abnormal behavios, personality changes
How is dementia similar to Alzheimer's disease?both result in the loss of mental function
How can you help your grandparents or other older adults stay connected to others?participate in family, religious, community activities
What is hospice?a facility or program that provides physical, emotional, and spiritual care for dying people & support for their families
What are the benefits of a hospice program?help patients & their families to accept death and to enjoy whatever time is left
What is a terminal illness?an illness for which there is no chance of recovery
What are the stages of dying as defined by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross?denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance
What are healthy strategies for coping with a dying loved one?stay involved in a dying loved one's life-visit the person, listen to them, discuss death, talk about your plans & hopes
What are stategies for grieving after death?do not deny your feelings of loss, take care of yourself, allow time to grieve
What is the importance of commitment to a successful marriage?determination to make a marriage a lifelong relationship despite the challenges
What are secondary sex characteristics for both females and males?voice deepens, muscle strength increases, body hair appears, skin releases more oils, perspiration increases
What hormones do the ovaries produce?estrogen & progesterone
What hormones do the testes produce?testosterone

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