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World History ch 25 section1

Sultan who suspended the constitution of the Ottoman EmpireAbdulhamid II
Group of reformers who reinstated the Ottoman constitutionYoung Turks
British adventurer who supported Arab nationalismT.E. Lawrence
GenocideDeliberate mass murder of a racial, political or cultural group
Armenian MassacreKilling and explusion of Armenians living in Turkey
Keml Attaturk"Father Turk" who transformed Turkey, reducing Arab and Muslim influence and modernizing the country.
Reza Shah PahleviModernized Iran
MandatesProtectorates of former Ottoman territories
Ibn SaudUnited Arabs in Arabian peninsula
PalestineAncient home of Jewish people, became a British mandate after world war i
Zionist movementAdvocated that Palestine become a Jewish homeland.
Ethnic cleansingA modern term for something similar to genocide
Balfour DeclarationDocument supporting a Jewish homeland in Palestine.


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