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Hebda Chemestry - cces

What kind of charge do protons have?Positive +
Where are protons located?nucleus
What kind of charge do neutrons have?positive/negative +/-
Where are neutrons located?nucleus
What kind of charge to electrons have?negative -
Where are electrons located?energy cells
Protons + neutrons =atomicmass
Mass of an electron.0005 amu
Scientists have discovered _______ elements118
The group on the periodic table that is shinyductile and usually solid at room temperature
Periodic table is organized bystructure of atoms or elements
In the outermost shell that react with other elementsvalence electrons
Two elements that are joined chemicallycompound
Example of chemical changeburning branch
Two elements that are joined chemicallycompound
Two substances that are joined physicallymixture
Physically change when things joinedhomogeneous mixture
Example of physical changeBreak your pencil
Tells you how many atoms of an element you havesubscript
Tells you how many molecules of a compound you havecoefficient
The state of matter where particles are in fixed locations and the object has a definite shapesolid
Causes change in the state of matterheat/pressure
Chemical propertiesflammability/oxidation/reactivity
Large and small block of ice melts at…0 degrees Celsius
State of matter where electrons can sometimes escape the ion’s electron cloudplasma
Atomsmallest part of an element
chemcial changea change in which one or more substances combine or break apart to form new substances
compoundsubstance made up of 2 or more elements taht are chemically combined
elementsubstance made up of only 1 type of atom
heterogenous mixturea mixture that is not the same throughout
homogenous mixturea mixture that is the same throughout
isotopeatoms of the same element with different numbers of neutrons
mixturematerial that contains two or more substances that are not chemcially combined
moleculesmallest part of a compound that still has all the properties of that compound
physical changea change in a substance that does not change its identity
pure substancea substance that contains only one type of molecule
valence electronselectrons ni the outermost energy levels

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