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V3 - Algebra Vocabulary

practice for 11/20 quiz

Absolute Value-the distance an number is from zero on the number line; it is written using the symbol l l
Coefficienta number multiplied times a variable
Counting Numbersreal numbers that are positive and whole but NOT including zero
Evaluateto find the value of an expression by replacing variables with numbers
Numeric Expressiona number sentence without an equal sign
Variable ExpressionA number sentence that contains one or more variables
Functiona relationship between two variables
Inequalitynot equal in value; a comparison of 2 expressions using >, <
IntegerA positive number, a negative number, or zero (whole numbers and their opposites) but NOT a fraction, decimal, or percent
Inverse Operationused to solve equations, applying to opposite operationg in reverse order of operations to isolate (or solve for) the variable
Irrational NumbersA number that does not have a finite value
Rational NumbersA number that has a finite value; includes positive, negatives, zero, whole numbers, fractions, and decimals
Real NumbersAll numbers on the number line. This includes rational and irrational numbers
SequenceNumbers in a specific order arranged according to a rule
SimplifySolve or work out an order of operations problem; to describe an expression as percisely as possible
SolutionAny number that makes and equation true
Solveto replace the variable with a number that makes the equation true
TermA numbers, a variable or a product of numbers and variables; the numbers in a sequence
Variablea symbol, usually a letter, that stands for an unknown numbers
Whole NumberA real number that is positive including zero but not including fractions or decimals
Zero Pairsdescribes positives and negative chips "pairing up"; positives and negatives cancel each other out; so the value of a zero pair is zero

6th grade math teacher, The Oak Hill School

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