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Chapter 9-1

pp. 253-263

elementthe simplest form of matter - can't be broken down into anything simpler
metalselements that are good conductors of heat and electricity
malleablecharacateristic of an element that can be hammered or pressed into various shapes
ductilecharacteristic of a metal that can be pulled into a wire
lusterthe shine or sheen of an element
lead & mercurymetals that are dangerous to your health
magnetic metalsiron, nickel, & cobalt
coinage metalsgold, silver, & copper
aluminumthe most common metal in the earth's crust
used as a backing for mirrorssilver
oranges, bananas, & potatoessources of potassium
milk, yogurt, & cheesesources of calcium
table saltsource of sodium
beans, peas, egg yolks, liver, & prunessources of iron
magnesiuman element necessary in photosynthesis

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