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Career Management - Objective 5.01 Matching, Flashcards, and Concentration

What effect does a family's history of jobs/careers have on a student's career choices?The student might follow in a family member's footsteps
The best way to approach your career choice is to:Follow a logical decision-making process.
When faced with many possible career choices, a student should:Relate the choice to your personal characcteristics/information.
In the decision-making process, what should be done when having trouble thinking of possible alternatives?Do some research
A person can judge the success of a decision by asking:Did the decision help me meet my goal?
In which step of the decision-making process does a person commit to making the decision work?Make a decision.
Using a hunch to help make a decision is an example of:Mystic style.
After identifying interests, skills, and abilities, it is necessary to:Match them to possible careers.
In decision-making, determine needs, analyze personal resources, then:Gather information.
Deciding what to wear, what to eat, and what time to leave for school are examples of:Routine decisions.
Deciding whether or not to confront a friend who shoplifts is a:Personal decision.
A good example of impulse decision-making is purchasing a car:Without thinking about the purchase.
When a person acts on a decision, there are always:Consequences.
All of the things people have or can use to help make decisions are:Resources.
In the decision-making process, a trade-off is:Giving up one thing in return for another.
One's environment includes all EXCEPT:Goals.
One way to polish decision-making skill is to:Practice the decision-making process.
An example of a human resource is:Experience.

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