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Java Games GWD 07 A More Perfect Union

ConstitutionA formal plan of government.
BicameralConsisting of two houses or chambers especially in a legislator.
RepublicA government in which citizens rule through elected representatives.
PetitionA formal request.
OrdinanceA law or regulation.
DepreciateTo fail in value.
DepressionA period of low economic activity and widespread unemployment.
ManumissionTo release from slavery, set free.
ProportionalTo be the same or consistent to.
CompromiseAn agreement between two or more sides.
EnlightenmentMovement during the 1700's that spread the idea that knowledge, reason, and science could improve society.
FederalismThe sharing of power between federal and state governments.
ArticlePart of a document.
Legislative BranchThe branch of government that makes the laws.
Executive BranchThe branch of government that carries out the laws and policies.
Electoral CollegeA body of people selected by their states to vote for president and vice president.
Judicial BranchThe branch of government that interprets the nations laws.
Checks and BalancesThe system in which each branch of government has a check on the other two branches so that no one branch becomes to powerful.
RatifyTo give official approval to a treaty, contract or agreement.
FederalistSupporters of the constitution.
AntifederalistIndividuals who opposed ratifications of the constitution.
AmendmentAn addition to a formal document such as the constitution.

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