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History of Massage

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1st pictoral evidence of massage15,000 B.C.E.
grandparent of massage techniquesAmma
classic chinese text includes massageHuang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperors's..)
holistic medicine in IndiaAyurveda
father of western medicineHippoctrates
modern form of Japanese massageShiatsu
modern form of Chinese massageTui Na
Hawaiin massageLomi Lomi
umbrella term - includes many forms of hands-on treatmentbodywork
roman physician who compiled De MedicinaAulus Colnelius Celsus
time periord with major advancement of anatomy through dissectionsRenaissance
father of modern surgery wrote about use of massageAmbrose Pare
father of Swedish MassagePehr Henrik Ling
physician coined terms effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotementJohann Mezger
onset of massage being included as part of official medical team in Olympics1996
Touch Research Institute in MiamiTiffany Fields
Persian physician wrote Canon of MedicineAvicenna
established foundations of anatomy during RenaissanceVesalius
father of seated massageDavid Palmer
systematic and scientific manipulation of soft tissue to obtain or maintain healthmassage
care of entire person (mind/body/spirit) through multiple approachesholistic
deep structural realignmentRolfing
energetic technique that utilizes universal energyReiki
bodywork on floor in which practitioner facilitates yoga like stretchesThai massage
trager, feldendrais and Alexander Techniquemovement therapies
Rolfing and neuromuscular therapy (NMT)structural techniques
Reiki and Therapeutic Touchenergetic techniques
CraniosacralUpledger and Sutherland
"Awareness Through Movement" + Functional IntegrationFeldenkrais
use of water for relaxation or rehabilitationHydrotherapy
massage disappearedMiddle Ages

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