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Foods II - 1.02 - The Microworld

Bacteriasingle-celled organism
Moldspoilage microorganism
Acidicfoods that have a pH between 0 and 7.0
Pathogensmicrobes that cause illness
Parasitea host’s unwanted guest
Foodborne Infection-results when food containing pathogens is eaten
Fungimold and yeast
Virussmallest of contaminants
FAT TOMkey to microbial growth
Yeastproduces an alcoholic smell or taste
Oxygena condition for microbial growth
Microorganismsmall beings
Water activityfood moisture level
Neutrala pH of 7.0
Foodborne Intoxicationeating a food containing a toxin
Hostparasite’s home
Foodborne toxin-mediated infectionresult of a person eating food containing pathogens, which then produce illness-causing toxins in the intestines

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