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CLC Stage 7 Derivatives

conspicuous (adj)easily seen; attracting attention
ineffectual (adj)not producing the proper effect
lachrymose (adj)tending to weep; tending to cause tears
mortify (verb)to subdue or deaden; to embarrass greatly
pestiferous (adj)carrying infection; dangerous to society
pulchritude (noun)physical beauty
tacit (adj)expressed without speech; understood but not expressed
taciturn (adj)silent by habit
reticent (adj)tending not to talk or give information
umbrage (noun)shade; shadow; resentment, offense
adumbrate (verb)to overshadow, obscure
annihilate (verb)to destroy completely
omnivorous (adj)feeding on both animal and vegetable substances
omnipresent (adj)present in all places at all times
omnipotent (adj)having power or authority without limit; almighty
interrogative (adj)having the form or force of a question

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