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GRE Voc. 4 (20 words)

exigenturgent; requiring immediate action
euphemismuse of an inoffensive word/phrase in place of a more distasteful one
esotericknown/understood only by a few
exonerateto clear of blame
exculpateto clear from blame, prove innocent
explicitclearly stated/shown, forthright in expression
fawnto grovel
fanaticalacting excessively enthusiastic, filled iwth extreme, unquestioned devotin
frugalitytending to be thrifty or cheap
fortuitoushappening by chance, fortunate
fomentto arouse or incite
floridexcessively decorated or embellished
gregariousouting, sociable
iconoclastone who opposes established beliefs, customs, and instutitions
imperviousimpossible to peneterate/incapable of being affected
guiledeceit, trickery
imperturbablenot capable of being disturbed
impetuousquick to act without thinking
inchoatenot fully formed, disorganized
inimicalhostile, unfriendly

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