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GRE Voc 7 (20 words)

perfidiouswilling to betray one's trust
permeateto penetrate
opprobriumpublic disgrace
pristinefresh and clean, uncorrupted
abateto reduce in amount, degree, or severity
approbationapproval and praise
perfunctorydone in a routine way; indifferent
occludeto stop up, prevent the passage of
plasticable to be molded, altered or bent
tiradelong, harsh speech or verbal attack
viscousthick and adhesive, like a slow flowing fluid
transitorytemporary, lasting a brief time
satiateto satisfy fully or overindulge
reticentsilent, reserved
arbitrarydetermined by chance or impulse
chicanerydeception by means of craft or guile
tacitdone withut using words
aggrandizeto increase inpower, influence and reputation
proclivitya natural inclination or predisposition
obstinatestubborn, unyielding

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