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GRE Voc. 10 (20 words)

ambiguousdoubtful or uncertain, can be interpreted several ways
anachronismsomething out of place in time
stolidunemotional, lacking sensitivity
stigmaa mark of shame or discredit
whimsicallightly acting in a fanciful or capricious manner; unpredictable
rarefyto make thinner or sparser
apocryphalof questionable authority or authenticity
probitycomplete honesty and integrity
aberrantdeviating from what is normal or expected
burnishto polish
chauvinistsomeone prejudiced in favor of a group that he belongs to
proliferateto increase in number quickly
articulateable to speak clearly and expressively
latentpotential that is not readily apparent
eulogyspeech in praise of someone
lamentto express sorrow, to grieve
monotonyno variation, tediously the same
ameliorateto make better, to improve
luminousbright, brillant, glowing

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