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Chapter 7 Balancing Nationalism with Sectionalism

Eli Whitneyinvented the cotton gin and demostrated a musket made with interchangable parts
interchageable partsparts that are exactly alike
mass productionproduction of goods in large quantities
Industrial Revolutionsocial and economic reorganization that took place as machines replaced hand tools
cotton ginmachine designed to clean seeds from cotton fiber; responsible for the expansion of slavery
Henry ClayThe Great Compromiser: Proposed the American System
American Systemdevelop transportation systems; establish a protective tariff; establish a national bank
National Roadbegun in Cumberland Maryland 1811; by 1838 it reached Vandalia Illinois
Erie Canallinked the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean; opened up the Midwest to world trade
Tariff of 1816proposed to pay for roads, canals and lighthouses and to protect American industry
McCulloch v. Marylandthe power to tax is the power to destroy
John Quincy Adamsestablished a foreign policy based on nationalism
Gubbons v. Ogdenstrengthened the federal government's control over the economy
Fletcher v. Peckunconstitutional state law can be overturned by the federal courts
nationalismbelief that the interests of the nation should come before those of a region
John Marshallfirst Chief Justice of the US
Rush Bagot Treatydemilitarized the US Canadian Border
Adams-Onis TreatySpain gives Florida to the United States and gives up claims to Oregon
Monroe Doctrinewarned Euroopeans to stay out of the Western Hemisphere
Missouri Compromise (1820)Missouri and Maine admitted to the Union; slavery prohibited north of Missouri border in the Louisiana Territory
Andrew JacksonUS president; man of the people; hero of New Orleans; Old Hickory
Democratic Republican Partyforerunner of today's Democratic Party
spoils systemappointing political supporters and friends to government office
Indian Removal Act (1830)Jackson's policy of removal of Native Americans from the Southeast
Trail of Tearsdescribes the suffering of Native Americans as they were forced West to Oklahoma
Daniel Webstergreat orator; champion of Union; senator from Mass.
John C. Calhounlaid out a theory of nullification
Tariff of AbominationsTariff of 1828; coined by John C. Calhoun
Bank of the United Statescentral bank; hated by Jackson
pet banksused by Jackson for the country's financial business
Whig Partyfounded by former federalists
panic of 1837collapse of the credit system that caused a third of the country to be out of work
William Henry HarrrisonWhig candidate in 1840; died of pnuemonia a month into his term
John Tylersuccessor to William Henry Harrison; His Accidency

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