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Sports Marketing Chapter 4

Selling.the exchange of goods and services from producers to consumers for a price.
Personal sellingtwo-way communication between a representative of the company and the customer.
www/Internet sellingis selling executed using the Internet
Needanything necessary or required to live
Wantan unfulfilled desire
The approachthe first encounter with a customer
Service approachConsidered the least effective approach method
Merchandise approachConsidered the best approach method
Objectiona reason, concern, or hesitation a customer has for not making a purchase.
Standing-room-only closeNext month, there will be a 10% price increase.”
DemonstrationAnswers objection by showing one or more features
Cash salesinclude cash or checks
Credit sales.Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
Feature-benefit sellingmatching the characteristics of a product to a customer’s needs and wants
Rational buying motivesbased on conscious, logical thinking and decision making.
Emotional buying motivesSocial approval, recognition, power, love, and prestige are emotional motives
Closing the saleObtaining a positive agreement from the customer to buy
Extensive decision-makingoccurs when there is a high level of perceived risk, a product or service is very expensive or has a high value to the customer
Routine decision makingoccurs when little information is needed about the product being purchased.
Debit cardsbankcards or automatic teller machine (ATM) cards used to make a purchase. The funds are withdrawn from the customers checking account.

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