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Ryan's Cool matching Game

A game full of matching COntiution questions and answers

ConstitutionThe act or process of composing or processing
republicA government whose head of the state is not a monarch and is usually a President
CommunismAn economic system characterized by collective ownership
amendTo improve
PreambleThe beginning part of the Constitution
Uniona confederation of political entities for the common intrest
FramersOne who is involved in things in the office
tranquillityfree form agitation; calm
justicethe quality of being fair; just
domesticOf or relating to a country's internal affairs
Articles of ConfederationThe first laws/ rules for the USA. Too simple, didn't work and states were too separate
CongressMakes the Laws, House, and Senate
Article 1Article 1 in the United States Constitution
impeachTo charge a public official with improper conduct
pocket vetoAn executive's indirect veto of a bill
quorumOne person over half of the number of members.
adjournTo stop the meeting.
Section 8Gives congress the powers to borrow money, regulate commerce, and tax. Also gives a system of weight and measurement.
electionA political match between people who are elcted by others
billA piece of legal paper money

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