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Introduction to Pathology

DisorderAny functional abnormality.
SignsObjective changes in the body that can be observed and measured.
SymptomsSubjective changes in the body of which only the person experiencing them is aware.
SyndromeSigns and symptoms that define a particular disease or abnormality.
DiseaseAny illness that is characterized by certain signs and symptoms.
Local diseaseOnly affecting one area of the body.
AcuteAn abrupt onset of severe symptoms that run a brief course.
ChronicA disease that develops slowly and lasts longer than six months.
DiagnosingDistinguishing diseases or disorders from one another.
CancerousCharacterized by the uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells.
MalignantA cancerous tumor.
MatastasizeCancerous cells spreading to other parts of the body.
BenignA tumor that does not metastasize.
Deficiency diseaseCaused by the lack of essential nutrients.
Degenerative diseaseTissue breakdown caused by overuse or aging.
Genetic diseaseCaused by an abnormality in the genetic code.
Infectious diseaseCaused by biological agents.
Metabolic diseasePhysiological dysfunctions that disrupt the body's metabolism.
CongenitalDisorders present at birth.
TraumaticInjuries that disrupt homeostasis.

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