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Kinesiology Week 1-3 Matching Game

Plane that divides the body into right & left halves.Sagittal plane
Toward the front of the body.Anterior
Closer to the trunk.Proximal
Movement that brings bones closer together.Flexion
Movement that straightens a joint.Extension
A movement that only happens in the joint of the thumb.Opposition
Moving a limb medially toward the midline.Adduction
Moving a limb laterally away from the midline.Abduction
To lie face up.Supine
Joint that offers greatest range of motion.Ball-and-Socket
Joint that is usually found between flat surfaces.Gliding
Depression of anterior side of scapula.Subscapular fossa
Depression inferior to the spine of the scapula.Infraspinous fossa
Joint that connects shoulder complex to axial skeleton.Sternoclavicular joint
Depression where humerus and scapula meet.Glenoid cavity
Prominent ridge on scapula where muscles attach.Spine of the scapula
The muscle that carries out an action.Prime mover
Muscles that assist the prime mover.Synergists
Muscles that have the opposite action of the prime mover.Antagonists
Plane that divides the body into front & back portions.Frontal plane
can act as antagonist in flexion and extensiontrapezius
antagonist to pectoralis minor in protractiontrapezius and rhomboids
elevates and downward rotation of scapulalevator scapula
trapeziusmost superficial muscle of back
attaches to coracoid processpectoralis minor
attaches to medial border of anterior scapulaserratus anterior

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