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CLC Stage 6 - Tense review


spectatHe watches, he is watching, he does watch
spectābathe was watching, he used to watch, he started to watch
spectāvithe watched, has watched, did watch
spectantthey watch, they are watching, they do watch
spectābantthey were watching, they used to watch, they started to watch
spectāvēruntthey watched, they have watched, they did watch
intrathe enters, he is entering, he does enter
intrābathe was entering, he used to enter, he started to enter
intrāvithe entered, he has entered, he did enter
intrantthey enter, they are entering, they do enter
intrābantthey were entering, they used to enter, they started to enter
intrāvēruntthey entered, they have entered, they did enter
pulsathe hits, he is hitting, he does hit
pulsābathe was hitting, he used to hit, he started to hit
pulsāvithe hit, he has hit, he did hit
pulsantthey hit, they are hitting, they do hit
pulsābantthey were hitting, they used to hit, they start to hit
pulsāvēruntthey hit, they have hit, they did hit
vīsitathe visits, he is visiting, he does visit
vīsitābathe was visiting, he used to visit, he started to visit
vīsitāvithe visited, he has visited, he did visit
vīsitantthey visit, they are visiting, they do visit
vīsitābantthey were visiting, they used to visit, they started to visit
vīsitāvēruntthey visited, they have visited, they did visit
festīnathe hurries, he is hurrying, he does hurry
festīnābathe was hurrying, he used to hurry, he started to hurry
festīnantthey hurry, they are hurrying, they do hurry
festīnābantthey were hurrying, they used to hurry, they started to hurry
festīnāvithe hurried, he has hurried, he did hurry
festīnāvēruntthey hurried, they have hurried, they did hurry

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