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Ch 1-Intro To Medical Term- Terminology

Match the medical term with the definition. From Chapter 1 Language of Medicine.

AdenitisInflammation of a gland.
ArthritisInflammation of a joint.
BiologyStudy of life.
BiopsyRemoval of living tissue and examination under a microscope.
CarcinomaCancerous tumor.
CardiologyStudy of the heart.
CephalicPertaining to the head.
CerebralPertaining to the brain.
IncisionProcess of cutting into. Scissors cut.
ExcisionProcess of cutting out.
endocrine glandsGlands that secrete hormones within the body.
CystoscopyProcess of visual examination of the urinary bladder.
CytologyStudy of cells.
DermatitisInflammation of the skin.
HypodermicPertaining to under the skin.
ElectrocardiogramRecord of the electricity in the heart.
ElectroencephalogramRecord of the electricity of the brain.
EnteritisInflammation of the intestines.
ErythrocyteA red blood cell.
GastrectomyRemoval of the stomach.
GastrotomyIncision of the stomach.
DiagnosisState of complete knowledge; information gathered about a patient’s illness.
PrognosisState of before knowledge; prediction about the outcome of an illness.
GynecologyStudy of females and female diseases.
HematologyStudy of blood.
HematomaCollection (mass) of blood.
HemoglobinBlood protein found in red blood cells.
HepatitisInflammation of the liver.
IatrogenicPertaining to being produced by treatment.
LeukocyteWhite blood cell.
NephritisInflammation of the kidney.
NephrologyStudy of the kidney.
NeurologyStudy of nerves.
OncologyStudy of tumors.
OncologistSpecialist in the study of tumors.
OphthalmoscopeInstrument for visual examination of the eye.
OsteitisInflammation of bone.
OsteoarthritisInflammation of bone and joints (actually degeneration of joint tissue).
PathologyStudy of disease.
PathologistOne who studies diseases
PediatricPertaining to treatment of children.
PsychologyStudy of the mind.
PsychiatristSpecialist in the treatment of the mind.
RadiologyStudy of x-rays.
RenalPertaining to the kidney.
RhinitisInflammation of the nose.
SarcomaMalignant tumor of flesh tissue
ResectionProcess of cutting out; removal.
ThrombocyteA clotting cell.
UrologyStudy of the urinary tract.
CardiacPertaining to the heart.
NeuralPertaining to nerves.
ArthralgiaPain of a joint.
NeuralgiaNerve pain.
ErythrocyteRed blood cell.
NephrectomyRemoval (resection) of a kidney.
LeukemiaBlood condition of white cells; malignant (cancerous) condition.
CarcinogenicPertaining to producing cancer.
PathogenicPertaining to producing disease.
IatrogenicPertaining to produced by treatment (physician).
ElectroencephalogramRecord of the electricity in the brain.
GastricPertaining to the stomach.
NeurologicPertaining to the study of nerves.
AdenopathyA disease condition of a gland (often enlargement) of a gland.
AnemiaDecrease of hemoglobin in the blood
ArthralgiaPain of a joint.
ArthritisInflammation of a joint.
AutopsyExamination of a body after death (postmortem) to determine the cause of death.
CystitisInflammation of the urinary bladder.
DermatologyStudy of the skin.
Endocrine glandsGlands that secrete hormones within the body
EndocrinologistSpecialist in the study of the endocrine glands.
EndocrinologyEndocrinology is the study of the endocrine glands.
EndoscopeInstrument to visually examine within the body.
EndoscopyProcess of visual examination within the body.
EnteropathyDisease condition of the intestines
EpidermisThe outer later of the skin.
EpigastricPertaining to above or upon the stomach.
ExcisionProcess of cutting out; removal; resection.
Exocrine glandsOrgans that secrete chemicals to the outside of the body.
GastrectomyRemoval or excision.
GastricPertaining to the stomach.
GastroenterologyStudy of the stomach and intestines.
GastrotomyIncision of the stomach.
GynecologistSpecialist in the study of disorders of the female reproductive system.
HepatomaTumor of the liver; hepatocellular carcinoma.
HyperglycemiaHigh levels of sugar in the blood.
HyperthyroidismSecretion by thyroid gland of a greater than normal amount of thyroxine
HypogastricPertaining to below the stomach.
HypoglycemiaToo little sugar in the blood.
IncisionProcess of cutting into or making an incision.
LeukocytosisSlight increase in white blood cells.
NephrosisAbnormal condition of the kidney.
NeuralgiaPain of nerves.
NeurologicPertaining to the study of nerves.
NeurologyStudy of nerves and nerve disorders.
OphthalmologistSpecialist in the study of the eyes and eye disorders.
OsteotomyIncision of a bone.
PericardiumThe sac surrounding the heart.
PrognosisState of knowledge before the fact; prediction about the outcome of an illness.
Prostate glandProduces semen
PsychiatryTreatment of the mind.
PsychologyStudy of the mind.
RetrocardiacPertaining to behind the heart.
SubhepaticPertaining to below the liver.
TranshepaticPertaining to across the liver.
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