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CLC Stage 8 Derivatives

expedite (verb)speed up a process
expedient (adj)suitable for a purpose
pedestrian (adj)ordinary; a person who travels by foot
sanguine (adj)cheerful
facile (adj)easily done
facility (noun)the state of making something easy; skill and ease in doing something
puerile (adj)immature, juvenile
repugnant (adj)offensive; causing a feeling of dislike or disgust
pugnacious (adj)aggressive; showing a readiness to fight
enunciate (verb)to speak out or pronounce clearly
renounce (verb)to refuse to follow, obey, or recognize any further; to formally give up
denounce (verb)to declare something as deserving punishment
inhabit (verb)to live in
incite (verb)to move, to urge to action; to stir up

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