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Living in the Manatee's World

Vocabulary words used in a second grade study of the Florida manatee will be practiced through a game format.

warm-bloodedan animal whose body temperature stays about the same all the time
adaptationbehavioral or physical feature that makes an animal suited for its environment
camouflagecoloration that blends in with the surrounding environment
habitatthe place where an animal lives
migrateto move from one region to another
pollutionharmful things that change an environment
environmentthe air, food, water, and surroundings used by an animal
endangeredin danger of becoming extinct
extinctno longer living anywhere in the world
herbivorea plant-eating animal
marine animalan animal that lives in the sea
mammala warm-blooded animal with a backbone and its young drink milk
manateea large mammal that lives in warm waters and has flippers and a wide tail
home rangethe area in which an animal eats and lives

Harlan, IA

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