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Quarter Two Fifth Grade Math Vocabulary #61-80

FCAT practice vocabulary for second quarter math terms for fifth grade.

plotto locate and mark a point named by an ordered pain on a grid
pointan exact position in space
polygonsa closed plane figure made up of straight line segments
polyhedrona solid figure with flat surfaces
prisma polyhedron with two congruent and parallel bases joined by faces that are parallelograms
protractora tool used to measure and draw angles
pyramida three dimensional figure whose base is a polygon and the faces are triangles with a common vertex
quadrilaterala polygon with four sides
radiusa line segment that connects the center of the circle to a point on the circle
rangethe difference between the greatest value and the least value in a data set
raya portion of a line that has one endpoint and continues endlessly in one direction
regular polygonspolygons with equal sides and equal angles
rhombusa parallelogram with four congruent sides
right anglean angle with a measure of exactly 90 degrees
right triangea triangle with one right angle
rulea general statement written in numbers, symbols, or words that describes how to determine any term in a pattern or relationship
samplea representative part of a larger group
scalethe numeric values, set at fixed intervals, assigned to the axes of a graph
scalene trianglea triangle having no congruent sides
similarhaving exactly the same shape but not necessarily the same size

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