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Apologia Biology - Module 8: Mendelian Genetics (2nd edition)

Vocabulary from Module 8, from Apologia Educational Ministries' High School Biology Course Exploring Creation With Biology, by Dr. Jay Wile and Marilyn F. Durnell (2nd edition).


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True breedingIf an organism has a certain characteristic that is always passed on to its offspring, we say that this organism bred true with respect to that characteristic.
AlleleOne of a pair of genes that occupies the same position on homologous chromosomes
GenotypeTwo-letter set that represents the alleles an organism possesses for a certain trait
PhenotypeThe observable expression of an organism's genes
Homozygous genotypeA genotype in which both alleles are identical
Heterozygous genotypeA genotype with two different alleles
Dominant alleleAn allele that will determine phenotype if just one is present in the genotype
Recessive alleleAn allele that will not determine the phenotype unless the genotype is homozygous in that allele
PedigreeA diagram that follows a particular phenotype through several generations
Monohybrid crossA cross between two individuals, concentrating on only one definable trait
Dihybrid crossA cross between two individuals, concentrating on two definable traits
AutosomesChromosomes that do not determine the sex of an individual
Sex chromosomesChromosomes that determine the sex of an individual
AntigenA protein that, when introduced in the blood, triggers the production of an antibody
Autosomal inheritanceInheritance of a genetic trait not on a sex chromosome
Genetic disease carrierA person who is heterozygous in a recessive genetic disorder
Sex-linked inheritanceInheritance of a genetic trait located on the sex chromosomes
MutationA radical chemical change in one or more alleles
Change in chromosome structureA situation in which a chromosome loses or gains genes during meiosis
Change in chromosome numberA situation in which abnormal cellular events in meiosis lead to either none of a particular chromosome in the gamete or more than one chromosome in the gamete

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