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Plate Tectonics

Dr. WegenerDiscovered theory of continental drift
MId-ocean ridgelong underwater mountain range
Ancient glacier evidenceCold climate evidence that continents were once joined
GondwanalandAfrica, S. America, Antarctica, India, Australia
Convergent boundarycrust destroyed as plates collide
PangaeaGiant supercontinent that was once joined
Divergent boundaryNew crust formed along a mid-ocean ridge at this type of boundary
ConvectionMolten rock rises, cools and sinks in a circular pattern
Subduction zoneOne plate moves under another
Dr. HessDiscovered sea-floor spreading
Fossil remainsSimilar plant remains on two separate continents
Oceanic-continental convergentEarthquakes and volcanoes are associated with mountains at a subduction zone
Rock formationsSimilar mountain ranges on separate continents
Rift valleyA crack in the earth's crust that runs along a mid-ocean ridge
Plate tectonicsThe lithosphere is made up of plates that are constantly moving
LaurasiaMade up of N. America, Europe and most of Asia
Sea-floor spreadingIn the ocean, hot magma pushes up through a crack in the earth and moves away from that area
Transform boundaryplate boundary where plates slide past each other
Oceanic-oceanic convergentVolcanic islands and trenches result when these types of plates collide
Continental-continental convergentNew mountain ranges form

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