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Ven conmigo - Capítulo 7 Segundo Paso

Discúlpame.Forgive me. Excuse me.
Lo hice sin querer.I didn't mean to do it.
Lo siento mucho.I'm very sorry.
Es que no sabía.I didn't know.
No lo haré más.I won't do it anymore.
No lo volveré a hacer.I won't do it again.
Perdóname.Forgive me. Excuse me.
admitir un errorto admit an error
cometer un errorto make a mistake
comprarle un regaloto buy someone a gift
darle un abrazoto give someone a hug
darse tiempo para pensarto give someone time to think
discutir el problemato discuss the problem
echarle la culpa a otroto blame someone else
insultarto insult
mentir (ie, i)to tell a lie
no guardar los secretosnot to keep secrets
respetar sus sentimientosto respect someone's feelings
romper conto break up with someone
ser deslealto be disloyal
Busco a alguien a quien le guste(n)...I'm looking for someone who likes...
Busco a alguien que me apoye.I'm looking for someone who'll support me.
Busco a alguien que no tenga celos de...I'm looking for someone who won't be jealous de...
Busco a alguien que nunca me mienta.I'm looking for someone who'll never lie to me.
Busco a alguien que respete...I'm looking for someone who'll respect...
Busco a alguien que sepa...I'm looking for someone who knows...
Busco a alguien que siempre me diga...I'm looking for someone who'll always tell me...
No auganto a nadie que sea descortés.I cant' stand anyone who's rue.
el (la) novio (a)boyfriend/girlfriend
ser infielto be unfaithful
ser fielto be faithful
enamorarse deto fall in love with
volverse locoto become crazy/to make someone crazy
coquetearto flirt
jurarto swear (an oath)
mudarseto move away
sorprenderto surprise
sorprenderseto be suprised
desaparecerto disappear
preocuparseto be worried
para siempreforever
aconsejarto advise / counsel

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