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Cattle Drive Flashcards and Matching Activity

Cattle InspectorLawman whose job it is to inspect cattle for proper ownership and health
BrandA symbol burned into the hides of animals as a mark of ownership
LariatFrom Spanish “La Riata”, meaning rope
MaverickUnbranded Cattle
QuirtsSmall whips
SaddleLeather seat on horse’s back where the cowboy sat, sometimes had more leather for comfort
WranglerRanch hand who takes care of the saddle horses
ChapsProtective leggings worn while riding in rough country
SombreroFrom Spanish word sombra, meaning shade. Broad-rimmed hat with high crown
StirrupsWere used to hold feet in place while on a saddle. Made of wood or metal
BridleHeadgear of a horse that has a bit and reins
BitsSteel part of a bridle in the mouth of a horse
BullAdult male of the bovine animal
CalfYoung Cow
HeiferYoung cow that has not had a calf
CowThe mature female cattle
HobblesPlaced in the front feet of horses to allow them to graze while limiting their ability to run away
PonchoSmall blanket with an opening cut in the middle for your head
RemudaA herd of saddle horses
SlickerYellow or black raincoat worn for protection
SpursMetal wheels used to urge on a ridden animal and worn over boots at the heels
VaquerosSpanish Cowboys
Chuck WagonWagon which carried the food and cooking provisions on the trail drives
RoundupGathering scattered cattle together, usually to brand them, doctor them, or prepare them for market
RustlerCattle or horse thief

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