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Apologia Biology - Module 16: Reptiles, Birds, and Mammals (2nd edition)

Vocabulary from Module 16, from Apologia Educational Ministries' High School Biology Course Exploring Creation With Biology, by Dr. Jay Wile and Marilyn F. Durnell (2nd edition).


There is also a crossword puzzle for this module at:

Amniotic eggA shelled, water-retaining egg that allows reptile, bird, and certain mammal embryos to develop on land
NeurotoxinA poison that attacks the nervous system, causing blindness, paralysis, or suffocation
HemotoxinA poison that attacks the red blood cells and blood vessels, destroying circulation
EndothermAn organism that is internally warmed by a heat-generating metabolic process
Down feathersFeathers with smooth barbules but no hooked barbules
Contour feathersFeathers with hooked and smooth barbules, allowing the barbules to interlock
PlacentaA structure that allows an embryo to be nourished with the mother's blood supply
GestationThe period of time during which an embryo develops before being born
Mammary glandsSpecialized organs in mammals that produce milk to nourish the young

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