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Song of War p. 433 Column 1 Vocabulary

Matching, flashcards, and concentration game from vocabulary on p. 433, column 1 of Song of War.

contingō, contingere, contigī, contāctus, -a, -umto be in contact with; touch
convellō, convellere, convulsī, convulsus, -a, -umto tug at, pull violently; to pull up, tear up; to undermine, tear down; to shake, batter
cūnctor, cūnctārī, cūnctātus sumto hesitate, delay; to tarry, linger
doceō, docēre, docuī, doctus, -a, -umto teach
efferō, efferre, extulī, ēlātus, -a, -umto carry out, bring out
effor, effārī, effātus sumto utter, say, speak
ēvādō, ēvādere, ēvāsī, ēvāsus, -a, -umto escape; to get through
excipiō, excipere, excēpī, exceptus, -a, -umto welcome, receive, catch; to follow after, succeed
excutiō, excutere, excussī, excussus, -a, -umto shake off/out, knock off/out; to throw out, expel
exspectō, exspectāre, expectāvī, exspectātus, -a, -umto look out for, wait for
fallō, fallere, fefellī, falsus, -a, -umto deceive, trick; to disappoint; to elude, slip away from
fateor, fatērī, fassus sumto acknowledge, accept; to admit guilt, confess
fīgō, fīgere, fīxī, fīxus, -a, -umto drive in, fix in, insert; to pierce, shoot; to set down, place firmly, plant
cōnspectus, cōnspectūs m.sight, view; appearance; contemplation
cōnūbium, cōnūbī n.intermarriage; marriage, wedding
cor, cordis n.heart
coruscus, corusca, coruscumtrembling, quivering; flashing, gleaming, glistening
crēber, crēbra, crēbrumat frequent intervals, closely spaced; frequent, repeated, constant; numerous, abundant; (+ abl.) crowded/packed (with), full (of)
Creūsa, Creūsae f.Creusa, daughter of Priam & Hecuba, Aeneas' wife, mother of Iulus/Ascanius
crīnis, crīnis m.lock of hair, tress; (pl.) hair (of the head)
cruentus, cruenta, cruentumstained with blood, bloody, bleeding
culmen, culminis n.summit of a building, roof, rooftop; height, zenith
cūnctī, cūnctae, cūnctaall
currus, currūs m.chariot
Dardanidēs, Dardanidae m.descendant of Dardanus, Trojan
Dardanius, Dardanī m.Dardanus (son of Zeus & Electra, ancestor of Priam; Trojan
decus, decoris n.honor, glory; something that adorns, ornament, decoration; grace, beauty
deindethen, next
dēlūbrum, dēlūbrī n.temple, shrine
dēmēnsout of one's mind, insane, mad frenzied
dēnsus, dēnsa, dēnsumdense, thick; crowded together, massed, closely packed
dīrus, dīra, dīrumawful, dire, dreadful
dīva, dīvae f.goddess
dubius, dubia, dubiumuncertain, undecided, hesitant, wavering
dūrus, dūra, dūrumhard, solid; hardy, strong, enduring; harsh, pitiless
dux, ducis m.leader
ēgregius, ēgregia, ēgregiumoutstanding, excellent, splendid
ēnsis, ēnsis m.sword
Eurus, Eurī m.east (southeast) wind
extemplōwithout delay, immediately, at once
exuviae, exuviārum f.armor stripped from an enemy, spoils; mementos
faciēs, faciēī f.appearance; sight, scene; form, shape, image; face, countenance
facilis, facileeasy
factum, factī n.deed, act, action
fās n.right, ordained (by divine law); morally right, fitting, proper
fastīgium, fastīgī point, tip; rooftop, top; high point
fessus, fessa, fessumtired, weary, exhausted
fīdēs, fīdeī f.good faith, reliability, trust, confidence
fīdus, fīda, fīdumfaithful, loyal, devoted; trustworthy, reliable
contigit (impersonal + dative + infinitive)to fall to one's lot (to do something), happen

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