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European imperialism

mercantilisman economic theory developed in the 17th century that supported European colonialism; taught that controlling trade is a key to increasing power; policy of establishing colonies to gain wealth by controlling colonial trade; also states that colonies should benefit the mother country; the primary economic policy used by the Spanish with their Latin American colonies; was also meant to create a favorable balance of trade
the European “Scramble for Africa”provided a source of free labor for the Americas
peninsularessocial class in colonial Latin America that controlled most of the political, economic, and social power in the country
imperialismbelief that it was the duty of Western colonial powers to civilize the people they controlled, non-Europeans
European colonies in Africa and Asiaincreased efforts to gain independence from their European masters after World War II
empirean extensive territory under the rule of a single authority
Sepoy Rebellionwas one cause of the independence movement in India
inflationthe rise in prices as colonies supply large amounts something valuable such as gold or silver
Opium Warsmarked the beginning of the domination of China by foreign powers
Sepoy Rebellion in India and the Boxer Rebellion in Chinaopposed European imperialism; attempted to remove foreign influences
encomienda systemled to the use of forced labor in colonial Latin America
examples of imperialist nationsThe Spanish (who controlled Latin America), the Portuguese (who controlled Macao), and the British (who controlled India and China)
Sepoy Mutiny in India, the Zulu resistance in southern Africa, and the Boxer Rebellion in Chinaresulted from native reaction to foreign interference in the region
European nationsadhered to the policies of mercantilism and imperialism; established colonies that were supposed to benefit them; grew wealthy and powerful through trade and conquest; faced native resistance from certain colonies; used advanced technology to conquer foreign nations
Examples of nations that served as European coloniesChina, India, Africa, Latin America

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