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energy vocab words

fuelprovides a form of energy through a chemical change
transportationmovement of people and goods
combustionburning a fuel
stored energyenergy that is hidden inside a fuel until it is combusted
CO2carbon dioxide
thermal energyheat
mechanical energyenergy of motion
fossil fuelfuel made from ancient plants
major fossil fuelscoal, oi, natural gas
hydrocarbonenergy-rich compunds made of hydrogen and carbon
a solid fossil fuelcoal
a liquid fossil fuelpetroleum or oil
reservean area where a lot of fossil fuel can be found
erosionwashing away soil and plants because of rain or rivers
industrya large business
proceduremethod or way of doing something
refiningmaking something cleaner and more pure
petrochemicalscompunds made from oil that are used in plastics, paints, etc.
crude oiloil before it is refined
nonrenewableyou can't ever make more of it
consumeuse up, eat
exportto sell to another country
importto buy from another country
solarfrom the sun
renewableyou can get or make more of it
resourcesomething you need in order to make or do something else
solar cella "sandwich" of silicon that captures energy from sunlight
passive solarchanges sunlight to heat without using pumps or fans
active solarcaptures energy from sunlight using pumps or fans
distributesend out, or make sometihng go to different places
absorbto soak up like a sponge
biomassfuel made from leaves, trees, food waste, etc.
generateto make (electricity)
gasohola combination of alcohol and gasoline
geothermal energyenergy from the heat of the earth
magmahot lava that is still inside the earth

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