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America, North & South: Physical Geography

Match the terms and locations with their definitions and descriptions.

isthmusnarrow piece of land w/ water on 2 sides; usually connects 2 larger pieces of land
archipelagogroup of islands
Patagoniarocky scrubland in southern Argentina
pampasrolling, grassy plains in SA
Lake Titicacabody of water w/ elevation high in the Andes
Orinoco Riverflows through Venezuela
Amazon Riverflows through Brazil
Rio Grandeseparates Mexico from U.S.
Atacama Desertin western foothills of Andes
St. Lawrence Riverconnects Great Lakes to Atlantic
Hudson Baylarge body of water in Canada
Bering Straitseparates Alaska & Russia
Galapagos IslandsPacific Islands belonging to Ecuador
Aleutian Islandsarchipelago in Alaska
Queen Elizabeth Islandsarchipelago in northern Canada
West Indiesall the islands of the Caribbean
HispaniolaCaribbean island shared by Dominican Republic & Haiti
Newfoundlandlarge Canadian island in North Atlantic
Tierra del Fuegoisland @ southern tip of SA
Sierra Nevadasection of the Rocky Mts. in California
Sonoran Desertfound in Arizona & Mexico
Appalachian Mountainsmountain in northeastern U.S.
Andes Mountainson western edge of SA; primarily in Peru & Chile
elevationheight above or below sea level

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