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WH Chapter 11 (French Revolution) Vocabulary

All the words are here. The words from Part I and Part II. THis is a lot of vocabulary, so please keep studying.

NobilityA person with a title and of high social class.
AbsolutismA form of government where the ruler has total power.
Estates GeneralA meeting of representatives from the three French Estates.
1st EstateClergy
2nd EstateNobility
3rd EstateEveryone else (the Bourgeoisie and the peasants)
The BastilleA prison and a fort in central Paris. It was stormed and emptied by an angry mob on July 14, 1789. This is an immediate cause of the French Revolution. July 14 is also considered French Independence Day.
ContradictTo go against. To state ideas against.
BourgeoisieThe middle class.
UrbanRelating to cities
EstateFrench social classes during the ancien regime.
Liberal/ LiberalismA person who supports the ideas of the Enlightenment./ Political beliefs based on the ideas of the Enlightenment.
TailleA national tax on income and property. The 1st and 2nd Estates did not have to pay this tax.
ClergyChurch leaders.
Tennis Court OathPledge taken by members of the National Assembly to continue to meet until a constitution was drafted.
The Great FearEarliest period of the French Revolution. It is a panic among peasants that leads to violent attacks on the nobility.
The EnlightenmentAn 17th and 18th century intellectual movement that applied reason and logic to all aspects of human life.
ancien regimeThe "old government". The absolute monarchy.
characterizeTo describe with specific traits.
peasantA poor person of low social class. Usually a farmer.
CounterrevolutionaryWanting to reverse the effects of social or political change.
The EnlightenmentAn 18th century intellectual movement based on science and reason.
ConservativeResisting change; Political beliefs based on tradition and obedience.
FactionsDissenting Groups
DirectoryFrench government after the Reign of Terror
Sans CulottesMembers of the Paris Commune.
RadicalExtreme behaviors/ beliefs
NobilityPeople with a hereditary rank
Committee of Public SafetyGoverning body during the Reign of Terror
Reign of TerrorPeriod of the French Revolution from 1791-1793 marked by massive violence by government.
RepublicA form of government that is not a monarchy and where certain citizens have the right to vote.
AllianceAn association formed for the benefit of all involved
TreasonAn action carried out to harm one's country
GirondinRural, moderate members of the Jacobin club
ReactionaryWanting to return to an older system
CoalitionA temporary alliance
GuillotineA device used to behead people
RevolutionA forcible overthrow of a political or social system.
SecularNon religious
ModerateNot extreme in beliefs or behaviors
JacobinsA network of political clubs throughout France
coup d'etata sudden overthrow of the government
NationalismPride in one's country; belief one's country is better than all the other countries.

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