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Unit Twelve - Greek and Latin Vocabulary

Play this game to prepare for a quiz over the words in Unit Twelve of Mastering Vocabulary.

carnivorea flesh-eating animal
cryosurgerythe selective exposure of tissues to extreme cold
hierarchyreligious rule by a group of ranked clergy; one of the divisions of angels
inaudibleimpossible to hear
incognitowith one's identity concealed or disguised
inquisitivecurious; asking questions
macrographyunusually large handwriting
Mesopotamiaan ancient region of southwest Asia settled before 5,000 B.C.
microcosma small representative system having analogies to a larger configuration
precedeto come, exist, or occur before in time
omnivoreto eat all; one who takes in everything available
mesodermmiddle skin; the layer of skin between the ectoderm and endoderm
macrocosmlarge, great world or universe; the entire world
audiencethose assembled for a performance; the act of hearing a performance
mesospherethe middle layer of the atmosphere
excessivegone too far; overly much
auditoriuma place that people gather to her or see something
cosmopolitaneducated, experienced, wordly
precognitionsomething thought or known in advance
inquestan investigation
hieroglyphicssacred writing in the form of carvings
macrophagea type of white blood cell that eats large objects such as bacteria and viruses
herbivoresomething that eats only herbs or plants
macroscopiclarge enough to be seen by the naked eye
Mesolithicof or relating to the middle Stone Age period
hieraticof or relating to sacred or holy offices
inquisitionan investigation; interrogation
cognizanceconscious knowledge; observance
cosmonauta space traveler
cryogena refrigerant that produces low temperatures
audiophileone who loves sound
proceedto continue; to go forward
voraciousconsuming or eating great amounts of food

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