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CLC Stage 11 Derivatives

virile (adj)masculine; having qualities of an adult male
mural (noun)a work of art/painting applied to and made part of a wall
placate (verb)to sooth or calm; appease; pacify
placid (adj)peacefully free of interruption or disturbance
solicitous (adj)full of concern or fears; apprehensive
valedictorian (noun)the student who gives the farewell speech at graduation ceremonies
rapacious (adj)very greedy; predatory; grasping
credible (adj)offering reasonable grounds for being believed
credulity (noun)a willingness to believe statements especially on little or no evidence; gullibility
tertiary (adj)of third rank, importance, or value
rapture (noun)a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion
reverberate (verb)to continue in or as if in a series of echoes
genealogy (noun)the study of family lines of ancestors
credulous (adj)ready to believe especially on little evidence

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