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MAtch these terms related to pregnancy to their definitions!

cellthe smallest unit of life that is able to reproduce itself
spermthe male sex cell
ovumthe female sex cell; also called the egg
conceptionthe union of the ovum and sperm cells
zygotethe single cell formed at conception; also called a fertilized egg
fallopian tubestwo hollow tubes that connect to the uterus and have fingerlike projections that reach toward each ovary
uterusthe organ in which the baby develops and is protected until birth
genetic factorstraits that are passed through the genes
chromosomesthreadlike structures that carry genes in living cells
dominant traitstraits that always show in a person even if only one gene of the pair is inherited for that trait
recessive traitstraits that typically do not show in a person unless both genens for the trait are inherited
multiple pregnancypregnancy in which two or more babies develop
fraternalterm describing children from multiple pregnancies who develop from two ova and differ in genetic makeup
chorionmembrane that surrounds the baby in the uterus
identicalterm describing children from multiple pregnancies who develop from one ovum and have identical genetic makeups
prenatal developmentthe development that takes plasce between conception and birth
germinal stagethe first stage of prenatal development, which lasts about two weeks after conception
amniona fluid-filled sac that surrounds the baby in the uterus
placentaan organ filled with blood vessels that nurishes the baby in the uterus
umbilical cordthe cord that connects the baby to the placenta
embryonic stagethe second stage of prenatal development, which lasts about six weeks
embryoterm used to descibe a baby in the embryonic stage of development
cartilagesoft, elastic, flexible tissue that provides structure of the body
fetal stagethe third stage of prergnancy, lasting from about nine weeks after conception until birth
fetusterm used to describe a baby in the fetal stage of development
quickeningmovements of the fetus that can be felt by the mother
age of viabilitythe age at which most babies could survive if they were born (28th week of pregnancy)

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