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Geography Town

This game will include questioons bout Geography terms and other things...ENjoy! :-)

What are raw materials?Something found in nature that people use.
What is a raw material?is a resource which is canged before it is used.
What is the resource made up of?1- Water and soil 2- Plants and animals 3-Minerals
What is the defintion of recyclacble?used over and over without being destroyed
What is the defition of renewable?Destroyed, But can be replaced
What is the defintion of nonrenewable?cannot be replaced
What is the percent of saltwater ?97%
what is the precent of fresh water?3%
What is the distribution of water?Amount o water never changes
What is topsoil?The uppermost 6 unches of the soil.
Where do minerals in soil come from?Parent material
Parent material is broken down by?Mechanial and chemical weathering.
What is humus?decayed plant and animal matter.
What does humus do to the soil?it makes the soil fertile
If climate is too wet what will happen to soil?it will be leached.
What does leached mean?dranied of nutrients.
What will happen to plants if the climate s too dry?Plants wont grow.
What will happen to soil if there is dry climate?Soil will have very little humus.
Are biotic resources living or non-living?Living!
What is minerals?are nonliving, nonrenewable resoucs.

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