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Apologia Biology - Module 15: Kingdom Plantae: Physiology and Reproduction (2nd edition)

Vocabulary from Module 15, from Apologia Educational Ministries' High School Biology Course Exploring Creation With Biology, by Dr. Jay Wile and Marilyn F. Durnell (2nd edition).


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PhysiologyThe study of life processes in an organism
Nastic movementA plant's response to a stimulus such that the direction of the response is preprogrammed and not dependent on the direction of the stimulus
Pore spacesSpaces in the soil that determine how much water and air the soil can hold
LoamA mixture of gravel, sand, silt, clay, and organic matter
CohesionThe phenomenon that occurs when individual molecules are so strongly attracted to each other that they tend to stay together, even when exposed to tension
TranslocationThe process by which organic substances move through the phloem of a plant
HormonesChemicals that circulate throughout multicellular organisms, regulating cellular processes by interacting with specifically targeted cells
PhototropismA growth response to light
GravitropismA growth response to gravity
ThigmotropismA growth response to touch
Perfect flowersFlowers with both stamens and carpels
Imperfect flowersFlowers with either stamens or carpels, but not both
PollinationThe transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the carpel in flowering plants
Double fertilizationA fertilization process that requires two sperm to fuse with two other cells
SeedAn ovule with a protective coating, encasing a mature plant embryo and a nutrient source
FruitA mature ovary that contains a seed or seeds

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